Junior Learn to Dive

Our Junior Learn to Dive programme is designed for children aged from Primary 1 up to 15 years, to encourage all children to learn to dive through a fun and progressive pathway. Aberdeen Sports Village is proud to be working in partnership with the National Governing Body, Scottish Swimming.  Our newly restructured Junior Learn to Dive programme will run in line with the National Framework for Diving in Scotland. Each level of the framework provides a well-defined set of goals and targets for the learning of skills, allowing progressive development in the sport.


Dive Skills 1 (DS1)

Entry Criteria:   

  • Children aged 5 and above   
  • Able to swim 10 metres unaided, competently in deep water
  • Able to jump and submerge in water without goggles

During these 30 minute classes, instructors work with divers to help develop deep water confidence and body awareness using a variety of in water skills. Throughout these classes, instructors will teach basic diving shapes and skills from the poolside, including jumping and rolling and they will begin to introduce headfirst entries into the water. Divers will progress onto learning jumps from the 1m springboards.

The next intake for Dive Skills 1 begins week commencing 6th Janaury! To register your child, please click here


Dive Skills 2 (DS2)

Entry criteria:

  • Passed Dive Skills level 1
  • Pike fall from 1 metre
  • Competent and consistent jump from 3 metre

Dive Skills 2 sessions run for 45 minutes and build on the skills learned in DS1, as well as introducing the divers to dryland practices on the poolside. Instructors will focus on the development of forward and backward skills leading into head first entries in both directions.


Dive Skills 3 (DS3)

Entry criteria:

  • Passed Dive Skills level 2

Dive Skills 3 is a 60 minute class, instructors will begin to introduce the reverse and inward directions and divers will spend time focussing on the development backward jumps and entries from the 3 metre board.


Dive Skills 4 (DS4)

Entry criteria:

  • Passed Dive Skills level 3
  • Pike fall from 3 metre
  • Competent and consistent backward jump from 3 metre

Dive Skills 4 classes will run for 60 minutes where instructors will introduce the final two diving groups – twist and armstand. Divers will work to develop their board timing and rhythm as well as improving aerial awareness and introducing somersaulting skills.

Lessons are available year round with payment made by easy direct debit payment, spreading the cost over the year.  Parents will also have access to a secure online portal where their child’s progress can be monitored.

For all children enrolled in the programme, free swimming during available public and family sessions is included in the monthly fee.

  • A minimum of 45 lessons per year
  • Continuous lessons during holidays 
  • Free aquatics membership for every child
  • Easy direct debit payment method with the cost of lessons spread throughout the year
  • Seamless pathway through class levels
  • No need to queue to re-book
  • Regular feedback of progress through our home portal system


Where and when: Junior Learn to Dive lessons currently run after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings, in the 25m pool

Dive Skills 1: £23.10 per month via direct debit
Dive Skills 2: £25.00 per month via direct debit
Dive Skills 3 & 4: £27.00 per month via direct debit