Adult and Child


Our Adult & Child programme has been designed to introduce adults with very young children to the water environment within a stimulating and enjoyable programme. In these lessons one adult must be present in the water to supervise each child. The Adult and Child programme will cover 3 Scottish Swimming Awards:

Adult and Baby/Toddler (for children aged from 3 months to 2 years)

To introduce baby/toddler to the medium of water and a pool environment, provide the adult with the working knowledge of a range of skills, including water confidence and safety, an understanding of safe submersion and correct handling techniques enabling basic swimming movements to take place. 

Adult and Child (for children aged from 2 to 3 years)

To provide a structured programme through play, where the teacher communicates through the adult, teaching the child to accomplish the gross motor skills involved in basic kick and arm movements and basic watermanship skills.


Lessons will be available year round with payment made by easy direct debit payment, spreading the cost over the year.  Parents will also have access to a secure online portal where their child’s progress can be monitored.

For all children enrolled in the programme, free swimming during available public and family sessions is included in the monthly fee, as well as free certificate for every swimming level successfully completed.

  • A minimum of 45 lessons per year
  • Continuous lessons during holidays 
  • Free aquatics membership for every child
  • Easy direct debit payment method with the cost of lessons spread throughout the year
  • Seamless pathway through class levels
  • No need to queue to re-book
  • Regular feedback of progress through our home portal system
  • Free certificates for every swimming level

Where and when:
Adult and child lessons currently run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings plus Thursday afternoons in the 25m pool. 

£23.00 per month via direct debit


To register for Adult and Child lessons please click here