Gym Induction

Gym Inductionis available free of charge for everyone. This 45 minute complete introduction to our Gym will include familiarisation with relevant cardiovascular, resistance and functional equipment.

To book your FREE induction, please speak to one of the Fitness Consultants in the Gym.

Free Weights Induction / Accreditation

To use the specialised free weights performance area in the Gym, everyone is asked to complete either an Induction or Accreditation to ensure and reinforce safe practices.

An Inductiontakes up to 60 minutes, and demonstrates safe and effective use of free weights equipment for inexperienced users.

For experienced users of free weights, we offer a quick 5 minute Accreditationto allow users to demonstrate competency and familiarise themselves with our equipment.

Free weights inductions and accreditations are free of chargefor all members - please book by speaking to one of the Fitness Consultants in the Gym or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for recommendations before booking with the Reception Team